Northern Virginia's Outdoor Solutions Center
544 Truslow Road, Fredericksburg
Mon-Sat: 09:00 - 5:00
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Here's a beautiful backyard makeover being completed by on of the crews from Stafford Landscape. The fire pit adds a focal point to the quaint gathering space. With the cool Spring and Fall seasons here in Virginia, this patio fire pit will get lots of use.

Brick Patio with Corner Retaining Wall

This is the perfect answer for those areas where soil erodes over the top of the patio. This corner retaining wall keeps the patio clear of debris while providing a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing addition to the patio. The dog is extra!

We have designers and installers standing by to assist you in creating the perfect backyard patio and retaining wall for you and your family! Call us at 540-654-5410 today for your professional landscape assessment.

brick patio with corner retaining wall

backyard patio, fireplace and sitting wall

Backyard Brick Paver Patio with Fireplace

There's something very relaxing about sitting around a fire on a cool afternoon or morning. This backyard brick paver patio brings beauty to the backyard landscaping as well as a usable space for reading, studying or simply relaxing. The setting for this patio is set off nicely with a few properly placed greenery plantings in the backdrop.

We have designers and installers standing by to assist you in creating the perfect backyard patio and fire pit for you and your family! Call us at 540-654-5410 today for your professional landscape assessment.

Cooking Pavilion and Entertainment Area

If it's outdoor entertainment space that you're seeking, look no further! This incredible cooking and entertainment pavilion adds a spacious outdoor area to your home that is perfect for entertaining friends, family, neighbors or business associates. The covered cooking area insures your parties are a hit no matter what the weather brings.

We have designers and installers standing by to assist you in creating the perfect cooking and entertainment pavilion! Call us at 540-654-5410 today for your professional landscape assessment.

Covered Cooking Pavilion

Outdoor Fireplace and Patio

Outdoor Fireplace and Patio

Here we created an outdoor living space with a patio and outdoor fireplace. Imagine cool spring and fall nights sitting by the fire, or enjoying a summer fire while roasting a few hot dogs or smores. The patio makes a great place to gather with friends or family for cookouts and picnics. Enjoy an extension of your home with this beautiful outdoor fireplace and patio.

We would love to work with you on creating on creating and outdoor living space where you can enjoy family time and cookouts with friends. We have designers and installers standing by! Call us at 540-654-5410 today for your professional landscape assessment.

Short Pump Patio

Shady backyard with drainage issues challenged our landscape design team to tie in existing landscaping with the future expansion. Lawn needed to be eliminated due to lack of sufficient sunlight. Followed by careful planning we created a brick paver patio adjacent to the existing walkway. A fire pit and a seating wall ad to its character and functionality. Our landscape installation crew also planted trees, shrubs and shade loving perennials softening and enhancing the entire backyard.

We would love to work with you on creating on creating and outdoor living space where you can enjoy family time and cookouts with friends. We have designers and installers standing by! Call us at 540-654-5410 today for your professional landscape assessment.



Fawn Lake Outdoor Space with Paver Patio, Sitting Wall and Fire Pit

Backyard improvements helped transform a simple lawn into a fully functional stone paver patio and fire pit surrounded by a beautiful sitting wall. The new backyard patio area is accessible by an irregular flagstone stepping stone path leading through the lawn which can be mowed over for easy maintenance.

This particular site slopes towards the back so we needed to create a slow draining swale we had to consider in the design process. After a slight drainage modification we able to build the curved sitting wall so that it is not only functional, but aesthetically pleasing as well.

We would love to work with you on creating a paver patio for your backyard landscape. We have designers and installers standing by! Call us at 540-654-5410 today for your professional landscape assessment.

Pool Surroundings

Blank canvas project at a newly constructed home. Our designer worked with the pool company to determine the exact location, orientation and elevation of the pool. Large organic shaped patio was installed around the pool providing ample space for outdoor furniture and entertainment. At the lower end of the patio we introduced a retaining wall to support the structure. Above the pool Stafford Landscape designed and constructed a boulder retaining wall and waterfall. Installing sod around the poll patio instantly greened up the area.

Give us a call at 540-654-5410 and we'll help create a beautiful pool skirt around your new or existing pool. Surrounding your pool with a quality and well designed brick paver patio can enhance the aesthetics and add value to your pool and home.



Patio and Stairs

First phase of a grandiose outdoor space project. After completing the master plan by our landscape designer, the initial phase started on site. This year’s works included a large organic shaped patio with a truly personalized inlay. The arched staircase leads from the back door to the patio. Since each stair designed as a half circle there is no need for handrails. The stairs are also illuminated by low voltage LED landscape lighting fixtures. The ambiance lights are for both safety and aesthetics.

Pool Patio Makeover

Expanding patio surface around the existing pool in the backyard. We enlarged the entertaining area around the pool not only by laying pavers but also constructing a seating wall. Away from the poll area a simple fire pit with its own dedicated stone dust patio was installed as well. Drainage on site was improved and several plants were installed around the new patio. The transformation was amazing and the customer’s feedback was nothing less than rewarding.

Materials Used

Concrete pavers, segmental wall blocks, landscape timbers, several different shrubs and trees

Project Completed

July 2016


Patio and Landscaping

Newly constructed house provided a blank canvas for our landscape designer. Customer’s wish list: patio, retaining walls, walkway, driveway paver extension, raised planting beds, newly sodded lawn and plant installation. The steep grade in the backyard restricted the patio’s size but with the right layout it became a fully functional space providing enough room for outdoor furniture. Raised planting beds were installed in the front yard supporting a group of red drift roses and a lace-leaf Japanese maple. The small walkway near the garage and the pavel driveway extension added functional value to the property. As a finishing touch, Stafford Landscape installed sod on the entire property providing instant lush, green lawn.

Materials Used

Concrete pavers, segmental wall blocks, plants, sod

Project Completed

May 2016


Fawn Lake Backyard Makeover

Established landscape in a need of an extensive makeover. Hardscape element such as a multi level patio, retaining walls, stairs and walkway had to be completely re-built in part utilizing existing materials. Our landscape designer also integrated an outdoor kitchen with various built in appliances. As organic part of the main patio. Adjacent to the large patio a separate structure was constructed consisting of a fire pit and an outdoor couch style seating surface. This unique feature is truly a gathering point at times of outdoor entertaining. Low voltage landscape lighting fixtures were installed throughout the entire project providing safety and night time illumination.

Materials Used

Concrete pavers, segmental wall blocks, low voltage lighting fixtures

Project Completed

October 2016


Hartwood Patio and Landscaping

Patio construction with a seating wall and a fire pit replacing the outdated and demolished above ground pool in the backyard. Perfect recycling of an outdoor space. Level site provided a suitable spot for an organic shape patio with a fire pit and seating wall. The hardscape was softened by installing trees and shrubs around the patio. Short stepping stone path leads to the front lawn area. The site is relatively shady so the appropriate plants had to be selected.

Materials Used

Concrete pavers, segmental wall blocks, cap stones, plants

Project Completed

April 2016


Downtown Fredericksburg Backyard

Limited space landscaping in downtown historic Fredericksburg. Our landscape designer had to account for every square inch on this project. Step one was to frame the backyard by building a 48” tall masonry brick wall blending in with the architecture of this historic district. Through a custom built wooden gate the individually placed irregular flagstone path leads to a paver patio. The patio has to be able to host a grill and of course some outdoor furniture. The site is sunny so many flowering shrubs were planted providing long lasting blooms throughout the entire growing season. The deciduous trees and shrubs such as roses, crepe myrtles, butterfly bushes, hydrangeas, dogwood tree and a redbud tree are combined with some evergreen plants for winter interest. While the hollies would display berries the encore azaleas would boast many flowers multiple times of the year.

Materials Used

Concrete pavers, bricks, cinderblocks, plants, flagstone steppers

Project Completed

June 2016